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About Us - About the Chef Trading way!


Welcome to the new website from Chef Trading, this is now 4th version of our website and we hope you find it as easy to navigate as you always have.    The website has evolved during the last 10 years with a continued commitment to our service and convenience, our goal is to make it easier than ever to find exactly the right products that you need.

We have a huge product range on offer from all the best manufacturers such as Rational, Lincat, Afinox, Victor, Lotus,  Inoxtrend and many more

Quality Service does not always mean you have to be the most expensive

The company ethos has always been to offer the best quality advise and support we can, with only the best quality of products.  We can help you to design the right kitchen, we can help you to choose the right product. 

Planning your new kitchen can seem somewhat daunting - we understand. Our aim is to provide state of the art service and design, while taking the stress away from our clients. Whether you are simply looking for some advise on a product you have seen on our website to make sure its right for you or you are looking for a full Kitchen design service we are here to help you.

Commercial Kitchen Design and Project Management - Free Service

Q. Is it really a free design service?  A. yes it is subject to placing the business with us.

So just how can we offer this service free.    Firstly we use a state of the art CAD software system that produces our drawing and designs quickly and effectively, next we have a lot of experience at creating the right solutions the first time round.   By focusing very quickly on our customers needs to put together the right solution sooner with continuous liaison with yourself or your architects.  Finally as we offer a Price match promise subject to matching competitors quotations on a like for like basis.  This way it takes away hopefully any reason that our customers could have not to place the busisiness with us which means that we can hopefully be the choice for you.

Of course this said we understand that some customers may decide for other reasons other than price to place the business with someone else maybe a relation or a company you have known for a long time we can still help but in this case the design service will be charged but can be easily justified we believe by the good advise we offer and the efficient way we process the solution for you.  

Q. Why do you charge design service if we dont order?  A. simply put we want to protect the free design service for you or future customers we wouldnt be able to do that if all we did was free design.

Service covered::

Our price promise will give you peace of mind

Q. Can we really offer our price promise while offering the above service?  A. Simply put yes we can.

      Most of our competitors only offer products distributed from within the UK.   As very few manufacturers actually manufacture here this means that there is normally either a manufacturerers distribution company or another large distributor wholesaling these products here in the UK.   As there is this extra link in the chain making money, selling this equipment it means that despite what you may think very often you dont actually get offered the right price or even the right product. Unlike other countries around the world the UK market unbelievably still works this way. The result is there are many small or medium size distributors who buy from bigger distributors or manufacturer distribution that then sell to the restaurant and hotel. What you get then is a choice either a distributor selling a box at the cheapest price he can on a website or catalogue or you get a project design company hiding these inevitable extra costs within their quotes. The website company cant afford to offer a really good service because they dont make enough money from the sale and the project company cant offer the website price without comprimising their service.
Our way really is Different!

Our way is to deal with the Catering Equipment and Refrigeration manufacturers directly not just in the UK as others do but outside of our island, this means we can offer factory direct pricing that cuts out the middle man.  This mean we can offer both the right price and the right service.

If you have an even larger need we can quote to supply your Catering Equipment and Refrigeration with Bulk contract pricing that can even be called off and delviered directly to you from the factory.

Our customers need to be more organised and plan their needs to get the best Catering Equipment Pricing!

So many customers want the quick delivery service but dont realise this can only be offered when you have wholesalers or manufacturers stock you pay for this quick service whether you realise it or not.   You cant expect that a wholesaler or distributor does not make enough money to cover for stocking of course they do.    Why not get organised and plan what you need in plenty of time, this will cut down your costs especicially with our factory direct service.   We just need a little more time, so get organised and save.

To all of you, from all of us at Chef Trading - Thank you!


The real key to our success with our customer relationships is we can offer all the above service with quality products without being the most expensive. 

Chef Trading Team