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Advice on getting the right Catering Equipment solution

In these changing times, it is becoming harder and harder within the hospitality industry to satisfy consumers ever increasing and more demanding needs. In this day and age ‘just’ average is no longer good enough. The most successful companies in the Catering industry are booming because they recognise when consumers have less disposable income. They are going to be choosier about where they spend their money.

Whether you run a takeaway, cafe, bakers, 2-5 star hotel, or a Michelin star restaurant, the need to step up and offer quality food and beverage in a well presented manor, is more important than ever. Especially at the right price and delivered with an efficient service.

If the response is to cut back on service, quality, efficiency and presentation, then what you must ask your self is, will these more demanding consumers just simply cut back on their business with you?

If the food and beverage you offer is the best, if the service you offer is efficient, if the product supplied is excellent value, then you will always have customers willing to spend with you. Chef Treading would like to offer solutions that will help you deliver this.

Entrepreneurs, takeaways, restaurants, and hotel owners as well as chefs, waiters, bar managers and food service managers, all need to buy equipment that deliver the best and ensure the smooth running and success within their business. At what ever level, consumers demand value and quality, from the best burger to the best Michelin star meal for their money.

Chef Trading primary mission is to help our customers within the fospitality trade to satisfy this demand. That’s why our promise to our is to offer

Advice, Quality, Price and Support

To give the right advice is the first, and arguably the most important part of our promise. Whether you make a call into our sales office, or ask for a site survey and kitchen design service, you will find all our team on hand and willing to help. If you have any questions, you can ask any member of our team and we will find you the answer.

Our goal is that advice from Catering Plus should always help you to make the right decision every time.


To show further our commitment to this promise we have a market leading feature on EVERY SINGLE product page of the Catering Plus website called CaterBrain, this makes it even more convenient to ask a question about any of our products.

Please ASK a question we will post both the question and our answer on the website, the more customers that ask the more information will be available!! help us to help you, just ASK. 

Look for the CaterBrain feature on all our product pages and ask away.