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Afinox Drop In Buffet DIsplay Counters

Afinox have launched a brand new range, and we are very pleased to introduce it...

SOUL: calibrated and attractive drop-in food island solutions!

SOUL: the DROP IN well, top and display units are conceived to perform correct conservation of hot and cold food during self- or assisted service. They fit in whatever environment and design. Extreme versatility is the hallmark of these units that can be supplied either to be fitted to a counter or even fitted to an independent frame with wheels to encase in accordance with customer requirement.

Drop in units made of AISI 304 stainless steel. LED energy-saving lighting for cold units, hot halogen lamps for hot units. Electronic controllers are characterized by large data reading display, characters are 30% larger than traditional displays and easy-to-manage use

Cold blown-air multi-tier display units for both self- and assisted service, are made to allow the correct conservation to food displayed both in the well and on the tiers, to attract the consumers' eye. Hot humidified fan assisted display units for assisted service allow the perfect conservation and moisturizing of hot food during the day, thanks to stable high humidity level inside the unit. All cold blown-air units are supplied with filter on the evaporator in order to guarantee a perfect hygiene and an easy cleaning.

Soul Heated Drop in Displays

Including heated dry well, bainmarie and hot blown air displays

Soul Refrigerated Drop in Displays

Including static cold well, cold blown & 3 tiered refrigerated displays

Bespoke Design Service                             

Do you want to develop your own counters for the Soul range to drop into?

We offer a full project management service offering bespoke counter design: dealing with everything from the initial design right though to installation of the final product. From the first call to completion, the design of your counters is a co-operative process between our professional staff, and you.

Please call us on 0845 056 0160 or email for further details.