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Classeq Dishwashers and Glasswashers

Classeq Dishwashers and Glasswashers

Flexibility and power are the hallmarks of these ranges, offering more cleaning power, quickly and efficiently - and they're so simple to use. Now stocking Classeq's ECO Glasswasher range.

      Classeq Dishwashers

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Classeq’s Hydro 857 pass-though dishwasher is now available with an integral water softener to offer savings in both space and overall capital outlay. Also installation is significantly simplified as no additional external piping is needed to and from the machine.

Designed for simplicity of use, the British- built Hydro 857 features optional integral chemical detergent and rinse aid pumps to avoid over- or under-dosing and to cut down on the amount of chemicals staff have to handle. The water softener automatically regenerates itself and a control panel light alerts operators when it needs to be refilled with salt.

The Hydro 850 powers through the dirty dishes. Its 500mm rack holds 18 full-size plates at a time and a cycle time of 1.5 or 3 minutes means it can wash a maximum of 40 racks or 720 plates per hour.

Simple, clear controls make the machine easy to use and minimise staff training, while a hood-activated auto-cycle start frees up the operator to get on with other tasks. An automatic self drain and clean down programme improves standards of hygiene as no soiled water is left in the wash tank at the end of the day.

For further cleanliness a continuous hood cleaning system ensures the interior of the hood is kept spotless at all times. The folded, stainless-steel wash tank is quick and easy to clean. A full-coverage filter system keeps wash water cleaner for longer, cutting down on the frequency of water changes and reducing running costs. This results in cleaner plates and lower fuel bills than with other similar machines.

Measuring just 630mm wide and 720mm deep, with a height of 1940mm with the hood open (1520mm closed), the Hydro 857 is suitable for in-line or corner installation, giving more design options for wash area layout. It is fitted with a type-A air-gap to meet with water board regulations and prevent backflow problems.

Classeq Glasswashers                                

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One of the most essential pieces of equipment for pubs, clubs and restaurants has to be the humble glasswasher. And the last thing busy staff need is a broken-down glasswasher and an ever growing pile of dirty glasses. It is important that bars check glasswashers are up to scratch as the last thing you wants is getting your staff washing glasses rather than serving customers and making money.

There is no need for this to be a costly investment as Classe offers an affordable, British-built range of front-loading glasswashers. The Classeq Eco range provides the perfect solution to getting large quantities of glasses sparkling clean.

The Eco range is available in three models, with rack sizes of 350mm, 400mm and 500mm. They all have a wash cycle of only 2 minutes to keep up with the constant throughput of a busy bar. At 30 cycles per hour, they can wash from between 360 pints (for Eco 1) and 750 pints (for Eco 3) every hour.

With such a short cycle time there is no need to worry about keeping up with busy demands. “Operators can be safe in the knowledge that with the Classeq Eco range they have a reliable glasswasher that will guarantee a speedy service, however busy the site,”.

There may be more staff during busy periods, prompting the need for a compact glasswasher that can be tucked out of the way. Classeq’s glasswashers are ideal as they use integral chemical pumps, rather than external pumps, and so fit into small spaces. The Eco also has an extremely low capacity wash tank and a full coverage filter system, lowering water and energy consumption.

Classeq Ice Machines                                                                                                               

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Catering Plus are now stocking the new Classeq Ice-O-Matic range - reliable, simple to operate and easy to clean - with improved ice storage.

The key to a perfect cocktail, short or soft drink is to serve it over stacks of crystal clear cubes of ice. Not only does this enhance presentation but it keeps the drink tasting better for longer. Traditionally British bars have tended to be a bit miserly when serving ice, but modern drinkers are more discerning and expect a glass full of quality ice cubes.

To keep up with this demand bars are finding they need to consider in a higher capacity ice machine as part of their essential equipment. Classeq’s Ice-O-Matic IceO325 ice machine is only 558 mm wide but can produce up to 137kg of high quality ice cubes per day - plenty to provide generous servings of ice to customers throughout the day and evening.

Designed for minimal maintenance and carefree operation, the IceO325 has integrated an AgIon anti-bacterial compound in key areas to reduce slime and bacterial growth in the machine. Electro-mechanical components make it easier and less expensive to maintain and service, while the cabinet design allows easy access to all components. Its stainless steel construction and a finger-print proof plastic trim look smart in front-of-house sites.
To save energy a special ‘harvest assist’ technology pushes the ice off the evaporator plate, shortening the harvest cycle. The evaporator is manufactured from electroless nickel plating which resists the damaging effects of water and ice.

The IceO325 fits on top of the B42 storage bin which offers a storage capacity of 159kg. Ice-O-Matic’s Safe-Hold hinge lid mechanism holds the bin lid open while the ice is accessed and a built-in holder stores the scoop safely above the level of the ice. Polyethylene bin liners and industrial foam insulation prevent ice from melting too quickly and preserve its quality.

These ice machines come complete with air cooled condensor, manual self cleaning system, front vending and can be dismantled tool-free for cleaning purposes. Choice of thimble clear solid ice cube or dice shaped ice cube production available