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Quality selections of only the best Catering Equipment


To satisfy consumers ever increasing and more demanding needs, we endeavour to supply a quality product. We want to ensure that our customers can deliver quality food and beverage, presented well with an efficient service.

Whether you run or manage a takeaway, cafe, bakers a top end restaurant or 2-5 Star hotel, the need to step up and offer the best quality and service is very important. At Catering Plus we offer only the best quality catering equipment.


It is a common miss-conception that the word ‘quality’ means expensive, this is not necessarily the case. Quality is relevant to the customer and can only be judged based on what the requirements of the customers are.

For example, if you are a small Cafe then a quality fryer only needs to be quite small, but it needs to be reliable and deliver a good quality product. We can offer the ‘Silverlink’ range from Lincat or Parry that fit this requirement perfectly. However, if you are a larger Cafe, hotel or restaurant with high demands, then it may be that the above fryer would not be right for you. We also have a range of fryers from Electrolux, ‘Opus’ by Lincat, Imperial, or Bertos, that would fit your requirements.

With Chef Trading, quality can be assured at all levels. We will not simply supply a cheap product of poor quality, as the chances are it may not deliver the right results for your Catering needs, and may be unreliable or worse still be break down. What we would like our customers to think about is if you purchase a cheap fryer for example and it broke down or didn't perform then.

'How long would it actually take before you loose in sales profit the whole cost of the fryer?'

As a business can you afford to take those risks?

Well we don’t think so! You can be assured that we will stick to our promise and only offer quality products and not just Catering Equipment including. This promise extends to all our ranges including Glassware, Crockery, China, Cutlery, Tableware, Cookware and Barware.
The quality of our product range will constantly be reviewed and we will ruthlessly remove any products from our website that we find do not offer a level of quality relevant to its requirement!

We have over 10,000 products of catering equipment on our website (growing to 15,000 in the next few months). If you require light equipment, we offer tableware, crockery, fine china, glassware, cutlery, chef clothing and furniture. If you are looking for more heavy equipment we can supply heated storage, food preparation, refrigeration, stainless steel fabrication, utensils, cookware, janitorial, dishwashers, glass washers and counter displays.

We have a huge range of Catering equipment, such as combination ovens, convection ovens, pizza ovens, commercial fryers, griddles, chargrills, pasta boilers, boiling pan and tilting kettles. All our products come from quality suppliers such as Electrolux, Lincat, Garland, Imperial Morwood, Burco, Rational, Bertos and Foinox. We offer a wide range of commercial refrigeration, including blast chillers, cold rooms, chest freezers, upright refrigeration and counter refrigeration. These are supplied by quality brands such as Afinox, LEC and Electrolux.

We only deal with the best quality suppliers on our website, so you can be sure to find the right quality product for you. To further show you our commitment to the quality brands that we offer, we have two features on our website to help you in the process in choosing the right product, as follows.